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  • Posted By : youZingit
  • Total Awards : 5
  • Awards List: $600.00, $100.00, $100.00, $100.00, $100.00
  • Date Posted : 03/01/2013
  • Closing Date : 04/30/2013

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Eliminate Texting & Driving - $2,000 USD Total Compensation

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous and has become a major cause of auto accidents, injuries and deaths. Teens are especially affected by this phenomenon with 97% saying it is dangerous, yet 43% admitting to texting while driving.

Full Description

The goal of this request is to develop ideas through crowdsourcing and co-creation to help save lives by preventing texting and driving.  Your solution can stem from technological advances, proposed changes in the law, modified personal habits, parental involvement, education or any other possible scenario to deter people from texting and driving. 

Here are some facts about texting and driving (source Forbes): 

  • It causes 11 teen deaths every day
  • It causes 25% of all accidents (1.6 million per year)
  • It is 6X more dangerous that driving while intoxicated
  • It is still legal in 10 states to text and drive
  • Not only a teen problem with 47% of adults admitting to texting while driving  


Texting and driving has received widespread attention from companies like AT&T and celebrities such as Justin Bieber but still remains a growing problem.  Let’s work together to identify new ways to eliminate texting and driving among our population and reduce the pain caused when families lose loved ones to these senseless tragedies. 

See example photos of the results of texting and driving and AT&T’s public service videos to the left under “RFI Information”.  


Develop original ideas to help eliminate texting and driving in order to save lives. 

Official Rules: 

  1. Your idea must be original and address the problem of texting and driving.
  2. You must submit a written solution.
  3. Original photos and graphics are optional (your first posted photo will be viewable by everyone).
  4. Original Videos are also optional. They can be self-narrated or dramatized videos that illustrate your solution. Videos should be posted to YouTube or Vimeo.
  5. The written submission must be in English.  If the video is not in English, it must have subtitles.
  6. All of the submissions will be displayed publicly at the end of the RFI as long as all the cash awards are paid out. 

Winning ideas will be judged on the following criteria: 

  1. Relevance to the Request (they must address the problem).
  2. Originality.
  3. Quality of the submission.  

Awards: ($1,000.00 total awards budget)

  1. First Place:       $600.00 USD
  2. Second Place:  $100.00 USD
  3. Third Place:      $100.00 USD
  4. Fourth Place:    $100.00 USD
  5. Fifth Place:       $100.00 USD  

View Fees: ($1,000.00 total view fee budget)

Each view fee will be $20.00 USD 

All ideas are shown in a “short” abbreviated form.  When the “full” idea is viewed, a view fee is paid even if the rights to the idea are not ultimately purchased.  Only Premium Members will be paid the view fee.  Find out more about a Premium membershiphere.  


Start:    1/16/2013

End:     4/30/2013 final

*Only one submission per User is permitted, although you may submit more than one solution in a submission.