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  • Name : Abel Mbawa
  • Country : United States
  • Member Since : 06/12/2019
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    I’ve noticed that I always ask my family and friends for advice on which outfit to where or what items to buy and I usually buy or where the thing that has more votes than the others. I’ve also noticed my friends and family doing the same. I need assistance on creating an app like instagram that helps you pick which outfit to where. All the customer has to do is post 2 items/outfits and people vote which one they prefer. I know that most people wouldn’t want to vote because they will only want people to vote for there items/outfits, so the app will only let you post after you have voted for at least 5 people this will allow everyone to know almost instantly which items/outfit to buy or wear that day. I need your help to develop this app because it will help solve a lot of people’s daily problems.


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