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  • Name : Jacob Wilkerson
  • Country : Spain
  • Member Since : 11/30/2017
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    I'm a dreamer who has a natural ability to see new concepts before they happen. As a child, I suffered from insomnia due to the river of creative thoughts that never seemed to turn off. As an adult, I see so much potential out there that is not being taken advantage of. I, myself, am not a good lone solo pilot to a business or project, so I've discovered. But, if I can find myself in a good team with the ability to freely create; I can produce infinite amount of potential concepts. I've been sitting on a few mind blowing ideas for over a decade that are still undiscovered. If you're serious, than I'm someone you'll seriously be happy you connected with. I hope to hear from the right person(s). Thank you for your time & may the odds be ever in your favor. Jacob


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