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  • Date Posted : 03/01/2013
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Promote Your Favorite Brand - $2,000 USD Total Compensation

Everyone has a brand that they love. This is your chance to show loyalty to your favorite brand and get paid for it! It involves posting a photo of you using the brand's product and submitting an idea to create a marketing buzz for the brand.

18-Innovative Marketing Strategies for the Super Brand----- hp Pavilion dv6-2150

The effective marketing and publicity of the ingenious super brand, hp pavilion dv6-2150, must be hinged on the deployment of efficient and innovative marketing strategies as explicated in these 18 strategic approaches.

Full Description

HP pavilion dv6 could best be described as one of the very ingenious products derived from the fusion of superior technology and customer expectations. This PC has unique features and functionalities ranging from its embedded entertainment applications, HD graphics, digital media reader and safety features such as hp protect smart. This entertainment Notebook is integrated with Rhapsody, Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Snapfish and Internet Radio.

With a RAM size of 4GB, WLAN and Bluetooth, webcam, card slot and 6-cell lithium –ion battery among other features and functionalities. My experiences with this super brand are very remarkable as this laptop commands great attention among computer and ICT infrastructure users across the globe. Thus, the unique selling opportunities it possesses must be leveraged for increased market opportunities across the world including the developing economies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

In order to strategically position this super brand in the computer and laptop market certain deliberate marketing strategies must be adopted in a holistic and sustained manner.

1.  First, awareness creation must be pursued vigorously in order to edge out other competitors and claim a substantial place in the market share. Sales and marketing representatives could be engaged across the globe whose duties would be to reach out to college students, business executives and researchers with a view to explaining the unique selling opportunities of this super brand to them while encouraging them to try out the product and give their reviews and feedback. This awareness strategy would fast track the wide acceptance of hp pavilion dv6 as one-on-one engagement with a potential customer has proven over the years to be very successful.

 2.    Second, the use of the social media in publicity and advertisement has  tremendous impact on sales considering the huge population of potential customers who have access to these social media sites. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Flickr, YouTube etc are veritable social media platforms for massive and wide advert reach.


 3.   Third, when useful applications are embedded in this laptop for users to access sites of interest such as sites for navigation, GPS, stock market, Forex signals, banking platforms, weather reports etc. These useful applications are of immense interest to modern life and ICT systems having such features are usually regarded as great assets which would consequently increase sales.

 4. Product surveys could be carried out with monetary compensation for survey takers as this would bring the knowledge of the product to persons who are not privy to the advantages of the product while at the same time information about the perception of the product on the minds of users and the areas needing improvement or modification are ascertained. This has been an age long marketing strategy whose unique benefits still resonate up till now.


 5. Since buyers and consumers are always in the natural habit of having extra value for their money, it thus becomes expedient for hp as company to give at least a 3 years warrantee on all hp pavilion dv6-2150 laptops sold and implement after sales services to shore up the interest of docile customers and potential buyers.

 6. Improvement on some of the technical features of hp pavilion dv6-2150 laptop such as increasing the RAM size, processing speed, extending the battery life and adding other security features such as finger print recognition would inevitably increase the patronage of this product especially among young college students and research fellows.


7. Hp Corporation can sponsor major sporting competitions to create the needed awareness among ICT professionals and the general public. The super brand hp pavilion dv6 could thus serve as a focal product during these sporting competitions. Furthermore, popular soccer teams could also be sponsored by hp with images and pictures of hp pavilion dv6 laptops embossed on jerseys and on sporting facilities which would create the needed outreach across all the continents of the world.

 8. Advertising on major international satellite and terrestrial television stations has proven to be very effective as the large number of audience these stations command are veritable platforms to reach millions of prospective customers across the world. TV commercials in satellite stations such as CNN, BBC and Aljazeera would definitely be very effective.


 9. Enlisting Hp Corporation in major stock markets around the world would give investors the opportunity to buy into the company and create the much needed awareness. When this is done, individuals and corporate bodies can spread the unique selling opportunities of hp brands including the super brand hp pavilion dv6-2150 to their families and employees respectively.

 10. Creating information desks in major cities of the world where customers can come and make enquiries about hp pavilion dv6 and other accessories would certainly bring this product to the door step of so many customers and corporate organizations. Information desks would bridge the gap between the customers and Hp Corporation as information, experiences and suggestions would be generated and transmitted to the organization for product modification or improvement.

 11  Businesses that have thrived over the years have continued to adopt strategic policies such as organizing awareness creation programs which includes the organization of ICT based competitions, quiz, seminars and symposia especially among young college students. Furthermore, this kind of ICT based competitions with awards and prizes would form the foundation of increasing the computer and ICT knowledge base of citizens and help shore up the number of computer users and consequently the number of computer purchases made on super brands like hp dv6-2150.

 12  It is always natural for man to want something extra which is free of cost. This psychological phenomenon can create the needed publicity for any product sale that comes with a freebie. Hp pavilion accessories such as earphones, remote controller or extra battery can be given to customers who make purchases and consequently retain their loyalty and appreciation.

 13.  Rights issuance to stock market investors would give several individuals to buy shares in Hp Corporation. This rights issue can be extended to every eligible individual across all the continents of the world at affordable costs such that students and small income earners can buy into the company thereby creating the awareness and market for super brands such as hp pavilion dv6-2150.

 14.  Incentives such as discounts and coupon codes would go a long way in encouraging customers to make purchases and spread the news about products and services. This discounts and coupon codes could be given at regular intervals and publicized using the social media networks to reach a wider customer audience which would definitely increase total sales output for hp pavilion dv6-2150 and its accessories.

 15. The sleek design of hp pavilion dv6-2150 creates an appealing effect on the aesthetic minds of customers who appreciate beauty and physical appeal. Improvements on the design including a reduction in the net weight of this laptop would enhance its acceptance as people tend to want products that are quite handy, sleek and portable.

 16. Visuals create compelling effects on the minds of people. Thus, creating and erecting bill boards at strategic places in major towns and cities across the world would help drive the passion for this super brand. Pictures of this laptop and images of its use by the corporate world are strong and compelling instruments for the marketing of hp pavilion dv6-2150.

 17. A major challenge to making purchases online could be attributed to the high shipping cost especially to very remote parts of the world where the major courier companies are not present. Therefore, hp brands could shipped free of cost to customers who make purchases online as it would serve as a huge incentive and boost.

 18. As part of the corporate social responsibility of businesses towards their host communities and immediate operational environment and also as a strategy to increase product awareness and sales among customers and potential buyers, these corporations such as HP can sponsor the training of college students or employees of companies on computer related disciplines and Information and communication technology. This sort of partnership with colleges, universities and industries are strategic marketing policies that subtly drive the needed awareness on any brand. Hp Corporation can leverage on this sort of strategic policy and market hp pavilion dv6-2150 to millions of individuals and corporate institutions across the globe and establishing this product as a world class super brand in computer technology well ahead of other competitors.


It is instructive to note that developing countries have continued to record increased number of students, individuals and corporate bodies that utilize ICT related services. Therefore, the deployment of very efficient marketing strategy that would lure and encourage these groups of persons into buying computer and ICT related products must be pursued with vigor and utmost interest. Nigeria for instance with a population of over 170 million has a huge student population of well over 50million and a continual increment in the number of new businesses springing up that utilize the services provided by internet technology. Thus, a marketing strategy that would capture this huge number of prospective computer users by Hp Corporation by way of marketing and distributing hp pavilion dv6-2150 would enhance the business fortunes in these places and Nigeria is regarded as one of the fastest growing ICT infrastructure subscription countries in the world. Furthermore, countries such as Kenya, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Pakistan have very large number of ICT products buyers and users who use these facilities for their research, trading and personal data organization.


Leveraging on the above 18 strategic marketing approaches would consequently enhance the financial fortunes of hp pavilion dv6-2150 as I can confidently assert that the technology, functionality and overall user experience of this product are highly rewarding because I have used this product and can therefore vouch for it as a truly super brand.  





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