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  • Date Posted : 03/01/2013
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Let's Get Cooking! - $1,000 USD Total Compensation

Everyone loves good food and creative recipes. Take this one step further and think about your favorite food products. Come up with an original, creative recipe with one or more products as key ingredients.

Pears Into The Bottles

It is a special drink with pears into the bottles. Pears are introduced inside the bottles when they are small, and fit in the neck of the bottles. After pears have been ripened the bottles are picked, and filled with pear brandy.

Full Description

 Pears are introduced when they are small, and grow inside the bottles. After pears have been introduced, the bottles are linked well of the brances. Bottles are linked with the mouth down. After reaching maturity pears are broken from the pear trees, bottles are washed, and then immediatelly pear brandy is poured into the bottles. After a few weeks, alcohol-flavored pears can be drink. To eat the pears must break the bottles. Pears remain intact and have the same natural color, as long as they are kept into pear brandy.

Additional Information

The flavor is unique, and everyone asks you how you put the pears into the bottles!