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Let's Get Cooking! - $1,000 USD Total Compensation

Everyone loves good food and creative recipes. Take this one step further and think about your favorite food products. Come up with an original, creative recipe with one or more products as key ingredients.

Sweet Taro Roll Cake with a twist......

Everyone love sweets... be it chocolates, candies,juices, fruits and any appetizers a sweet lovers craving for. Why not try the sweet taro roll cake with a twist...and what is that twist? Find out, and have a bite of it.

Full Description

  6 pcs. medium size taro rootcrop

1/2 kilo brown sugar

1 pouch 20 gms of ladys choice mayonnaise

1 tbs.vanilla flavor

2 tbs.nuts ( be it cashew or peanut )

4 pcs,grated coconut

18 pcs.dried banana leaves ( one ruler by one ruler the size of   each leaf;

1 meter string


     The procedure of making sweet taro roll cake with a twist..

First you need to grate and squeeze the taro rootcrops and set aside the meat,then in a pan mixed all the ingredients..the sugar,grated coconut,the vanilla,mayonnaise and nuts until golden brown then set aside. On the banana leaf you put a tablespoon of taro meat spread and pu a tablespoon of the ingredients then roll it, at each end of the leaf you tie it with the string. You do the same until all the leaves and the ingredients are consume. Then you put the rolled taro in a steamer and cook for an hour. After an hour it is ready for tasting.

     The twist there, is the use of lady's choice mayonnaise to blend the sweetness and the sourness of the filling. As well the idea that it is  a cake but not baked in a pan but cooked in the steamer.

      You surely will like it. 


Additional Information

The ingredients are very easy to collect..a lot of taros and coconuts in the market. Its so simple to make yet very delicious and inexpensive.