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  • Posted By : youZingit
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  • Date Posted : 03/01/2013
  • Closing Date : 04/30/2013

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Eliminate Texting & Driving - $2,000 USD Total Compensation

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous and has become a major cause of auto accidents, injuries and deaths. Teens are especially affected by this phenomenon with 97% saying it is dangerous, yet 43% admitting to texting while driving.

Love your only the saying goes Life is too Short...Life friendly cellphones in the market

With the advent of science and technology almost everything becomes so easy to do. Even in remote areas communication to far away land is no longer a problem..really technology changed our lifestyles a lot.

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        I came up with an ideas on how to solve this problem of our society nowadays. First  we need to make a new cellphone. This cellphone 1 will be having special functions. Once you bought this phone automatically your finger prints will be registered on it, and you alone who owned the registered finger prints can use this, and once used by somebody else this will not function. So as owners of these kind of cellphones you will be having exclusive ownership over the gadget.  For those who will get a drivers license, cellphone 2 will be for them, made  with a little innovation of the cellphone 1. The  government agency responsible for the issuance of the drivers license will have a policy that anyone who will get a drivers license will buy  cellphone 2 . The only innovation will be the sensitivity of the cellphone 2  to the ignition of the engine. Once the engine ignite  cellphone 2 can no longer be used by the driver in sending message or calling. But the said cellphone is not totally dead, it can still received texts and calls but will not make any sound. All the informations will be stored in its memory card and once the driver stops the engine automatically the cellphone will on and all texts and informations received will come out on the screen.

     In this manner car accidents caused by texting while driving will be solved since anyone who will be driving  can  no longer use her or his cellphone because of the innovations made to the gadgets.

     Hopefully cellphone makers and companies whose concentration is on this line of business will try to listen,adapt and produce the products. This will help save more lives in the future. 

     Parents and the whole constituents must cooperate the government and the indusrty in whatever innovations it will introduce to the public for as long as it is beneficial to us all.


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This kind of innovation is not impossible for us to achieve, for even the outer space that is millions of miles away from us,we were able to conquered.