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  • Posted By : youZingit
  • Total Awards : 4
  • Awards List: $200.00, $100.00, $100.00, $100.00
  • Date Posted : 03/01/2013
  • Closing Date : 04/30/2013

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Help youZingit Attract College Students - $1,000 USD Total Compensation

This request is to help youZingit promote our website to college students. Come up with original ideas to help us create engagement and awareness among college and university students.

Youzingit the the RIGHT way

The're are various ways of site marketing that will Help, Some of it is actually based on what i personally seek when i first join so i know it will work. this contains suggestions I've gather in different people.Read all and evaluate!

Full Description

Phase I:Gather information in General views!

       Browse the net where most of the target group (colleges)  most likely to visit, some of it will include social networking site, personal network space, application downloading sites etc.

        Ask yourself what do they've seen in this that interest them aside from the main service or function of this site, and finally coming up with a personalize strategy to attact them and most probably make them join.

Phase II: Planning without compromizing!

         Apply 3-5 of that observed properties in without defocusing the the main purpose which is posting, thinking and selling Ideas.


Phase III: Implementing and Actual Suggested Marketing Strategy

            (1) Well, on the case of, a good slogan is a start! but try some slogan that is somehow related to the site where it will be posted and tecnically giving a brief discription of what is about. Some slogans are attached here which i personally made(see attached images). the     slogan must not only link the site to but also relating the previous site to ours.

         (2) Be sure to provide what is written in the slogan, we should never disappoint those who visit the site, in that case, they will always ignore the post in the future when they encounter it. (refer to the slogans i made and find some that may be useful)

           (3) make them stay! must have something that should make visitors stay, I may suggest having a radio plugin where we can listen to music while writing, a forum page may also help members to be updated and share ideas that may be valueble for this site.

        (4) recruitment and sharing! give us members an additional benefits, I strongly suggest to have a referral proceedure that will benefit the refering member, give them at least a minimal percentage in their account for refering a friend to be a member enclosed with a given condition like, the first income of the refered member will be cut by .5% and will be tranfer to the account of the member who refer them to have a win-win ratio of interest.(this suggestion may be modified to have a greater outcome and productivity)

        (5) Provide rewards! have at least an annual promo where everyone has a chance to win something (may not be money) which will make member more eager to be an active member and probably premiums. This may also have terms and condition in the most profitable way.

Phase IV: Evaluate and Acknowledge!

           Have at least a monthly appraisal of the registered members, post the top earners to motivate their interest and competitiveness. Know that its not money everyone is after, but also some space where they can be recognized and see their achievements.

To end this, maybe the administrator have already thought of some greater ideas that may come up from my own.

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for more information, you may e-mail me @