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  • Posted By : youZingit
  • Total Awards : 5
  • Awards List: $600.00, $100.00, $100.00, $100.00, $100.00
  • Date Posted : 03/01/2013
  • Closing Date : 04/30/2013

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Eliminate Texting & Driving - $2,000 USD Total Compensation

We all know that texting and driving is dangerous and has become a major cause of auto accidents, injuries and deaths. Teens are especially affected by this phenomenon with 97% saying it is dangerous, yet 43% admitting to texting while driving.

Mess Free And User Friendly Way To Stop Texting And Driving

People suggest to track device's speed by GPS and disable network if it exceeds the normal limit. But, it causes a problems to people travelling in buses and those sitting at the back of the car! But this idea can eliminate all these problems!

Full Description

I have two ideas as followed. Kindly consider both of them:

  1. The driver's seat should be infitted with a network blocker so as to block all kind of incoming and outgoing connections from the driver's seat only. This will allow all other passengers of the car to have access to the network except the driver. In addition to this, the network blocker can also send an automatic message or a hellotune to the caller or sms sender stating that the number they are trying to reach is currently driving.
  2. Alternatively, it can be done that stearing wheels of the car should have two palm detection panels (only palm detection so that nobody can fool it). If the driver does not place both his hands on the panels, the engine should not start (or stop if already started). In this way, the driver would have to always keep his hands on the panels or else, he could not drive. So he can't send sms' and make calls as he cannot have three hands!

I hope you like these ideas. Any correction shall be highly appreciated.

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