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  • Posted By : youZingit
  • Total Awards : 4
  • Awards List: $200.00, $100.00, $100.00, $100.00
  • Date Posted : 03/01/2013
  • Closing Date : 04/30/2013

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Help youZingit Attract College Students - $1,000 USD Total Compensation

This request is to help youZingit promote our website to college students. Come up with original ideas to help us create engagement and awareness among college and university students.

13 Unique and Innovative Ways of Attracting College Students to

The benefits derived by users of youZingit can be enriched by adopting the following 13 unique and innovative measures that would attract vibrant and ingenious college students from across the globe that would promote idea sharing and sourcing.

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1.Publishing adverts and informative articles in college magazines and journals: Advertorials can be published in the various college magazines and journals that explicitly explain the importance and benefits derivable from the use of youZingit both to the idea seller and the idea buyer. This sort of information dissemination approach would reach a wider college audience since these journals and college magazines are quite handy and available to almost all college students cutting across all faculties and departments.


2.Increasing payout incentives: Monetary compensation and remuneration can drive college students into signing up on youZingit website. These increased incentives for ideas submitted would encourage them to devote more time, energy and attention into developing quality contents that could help companies and institutions improve on their products or on the services they render.


3.Embed auto translation software on youZingit website: If auto translation software is incorporated into the website, college students of diverse nationalities, orientation, cultural and linguistic affiliations would be attracted to the website and would therefore make the experience more competitive, fun and engaging to both idea sellers and idea buyers alike.


4.Introducing more payment options: The introduction of other payment options such as credit card, Libertyreserve, wire transfer and some other e-currency payment options that cannot be limited, unlike PayPal, would thus  drive a very large amount of college students who do not have PayPal accounts or whose countries of residence do not support PayPal transactions. Thus college students and companies in countries in Africa and Asia such as Nigeria, Ghana, and India with very huge population of college students would gladly embrace the website.


5.Create youZingit widgets: when youZingit widgets are created, college students can embed these widgets into their personal website and blogs to aid publicity and enhance easy signups by visitors.


6.Introduction of automated referral incentives: Members could be encouraged to increase their referrals if an automated incentive is given to each member who refers a friend to This would inevitably encourage more referrals and signups as any monetary compensation to college students would greatly spur then to devote more time and attention to making youZingit richer and more rewarding.


7.Occasional freebies: youZingit can print and distribute branded T-shirts, caps and other souvenirs to college students which would create the needed awareness and attract students to explore the very rich experiences youZingit has to offer. This would be a very useful tool as freebies have a very positive psychological impact on the minds of people especially young college students.


8.popular sporting activities: if popular college sporting activities are sponsored by youZingit, more college students would become aware of the website and thus participate as idea sellers. These sporting activities could include soccer tournaments, basketball competitions or college horse racing just to mention a few.


9.Embed youZingit Software application on phones and ipads: If in-built youZingit software is available in smart phones and ipads, college students can easily sign up and become members of youZingit family while using their phones and ipads. Thus, collaboration with mobile phone manufactures can assist in achieving this feat as has been achieved for social networking sites such as Facebook, Google search and YouTube.


10.Fast payout time: the popular saying that “time is money” cannot be over emphasized. It is therefore very imperative that payments for ideas sold should be processed within 24hrs as this would inevitably encourage college students in identifying with


11.Appointing college representatives: The appointment of college representatives by youZingit would provide an avenue for one on one interaction with college students where the benefits and rewards of youZingit would be explicitly explained to college students in an interactive atmosphere. This approach would bring these youngsters into close reality with the site and bolster their confidence in it.


12.youZingit site reviews: A page on dedicated to reviews written by existing members of youZingit website would help in no small way in bringing college student to sign up on the website as members. Reviews by fellow college students serves as a veritable platform for non members to gauge the relevance, reliability and importance of


13.Social networking on The creation of a section on the youZingit website for social networking for college students would prove to be very vital in attracting college students. Here, they can link up to one another, share information, photos and messages as is done in other social networking websites. If this feature in implemented, youZingit would not only serve as an income earning platform but also an avenue where youngsters can socialize thus making the website more attractive to both college students and all other interested individuals wishing to sell an innovative idea for the good and benefit of humankind.








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