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Companies and Brands have a very special opportunity on youZingit to connect with consumers through the process of Co-Creation. Co-Creation is the process of collaborating with customers in the creation process to generate mutual value between the firm and the consumer.

Co-Creation delivers several powerful benefits for Brands:

  • A fresh approach to the traditional innovation & marketing process
  • Cost Savings with superior results
  • Time Savings in a lightning fast business cycle

How an “RFI” or Request for Ideas on youZingit can help your brand succeed:

  • Product and service creation and improvement
  • Identify consumer trends in the market
  • Promote brand recognition through social networks

Our broad and diverse international community of creative consumers are ideal resources to help you put your finger on the “pulse” of the marketplace, while leveraging the power of social media to promote your brand. Companies large and small, multinational and local can benefit with youZingit.

Requests for Ideas

An “RFI” is a competition or contest in which a brand proposes a business problem to our creative consumers. This can be a proposed improvement to an existing product or service, a suggestion for a new name or slogan, a concept or video for a new marketing campaign or any other business problem.

youZingit will assist you in organizing and developing your RFI by understanding your business’s unique challenges. After discussing your business needs, youZingit will work with you step by step in preparing your RFI, including its strategic objective, content, graphics and budget. Download our RFI Guide for Brands for a more detailed explanation of the youZingit process, then contact us at brands@youzingit.com for an interview to discuss your needs.


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