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About Us

Introduction to youZingit

youZingit was founded by two brothers with the idea that ordinary, everyday people should have the opportunity to showcase their ideas while having a better chance at being compensated. How many times have you had a great idea for a product or service only to let it fade away into obscurity or see it be implemented without your involvement? Now that has changed with youZingit. Through the use of co-creation and the power of the internet, youZingit allows its users or “creative consumers” and brands to connect in a way that is mutually beneficial. In this win-win situation, brands can tap into creative consumers from all walks of life to develop ideas to improve their products and services or solve business problems to be more competitive in the marketplace. youZingit users can now help improve the products and services they love while getting the recognition they deserve and getting paid for their creative work. Additionally, brands take advantage of the name recognition and promotion that occurs when creative consumers share throughout the youZingit community and on social networks. This feature is seamlessly built into the youZingit platform to provide a unique experience for consumers and companies alike.

Management Team

Brian M. Taylor – Co-Founder & CEO

Brian Taylor’s main focus at youZingit is determining the overall business strategy and direction of the company. He is also hands on with all design related issues ranging from the company website to graphic design and marketing materials. Brian enjoys working everyday to make youZingit more valuable to its users by continually asking questions, studying the marketplace and staying abreast of the constant changes in technology. Brian’s entrepreneurial spirit and varied interests have involved him in a broad range of businesses including the practice of architecture, real estate investment and the import-export business in India and South America. A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, along with over twelve years of professional practice as a licensed architect with his own firm have given him his strong design oriented style, while an MBA in Management of Technology have rounded out his extensive business experience.